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What Sets Us Apart

Family-Friendly, Personalized Dental Care

You want the best for yourself and your family: full, happy, and successful lives; healthy bodies and robust self-confidence; and a great smile that allows each person to shine.

Dr. Zaily Montesinos and her Amicus Dental Centers team share your desires and dreams for your family. We offer advanced, stress-free dental care in a welcoming environment, where you and your loved ones will always feel like part of our family!

What’s Different at Amicus Dental Centers?

  • We have served the greater Pembroke Pines area since 2001, and grown through referrals from our patient family. New patients tell us they’ve heard we’re friendly, professional, and compassionate ... and that we really listen to and care about our patients as people. Such high praise makes us smile, reassures us that we’re doing a good job, and encourages us to strive even harder every day!
  • We make sure every patient is engaged and fully understands his or her clinical needs as well as all treatment options. Before developing a care plan, Dr. Montesinos takes time to learn what’s important to her patient, discuss the person’s specific concerns, and understand his or her desires. Based on that information, as well as thorough diagnostics, Dr. Montesinos then designs the person’s treatment approach. She thoroughly reviews the proposal, explains what to expect and why she feels it’s appropriate, and also talks about different approaches to achieve the same goal. Then she allows her patient to decide how, and when, to proceed.
  • We combine high-tech diagnostics and techniques with patient-centered care. This combination gives patients the most accurate diagnosis, clearest treatment plan, and most comfortable experience and results.
  • We are known for providing gentle dentistry and working with people who have dental-related anxieties. In addition to offering a light and compassionate touch, we adjust the treatment and pace of procedures based on each person’s needs. If people need a break to stretch, we are more than willing to pause and wait until they are comfortable again.
  • We offer a welcoming, calming environment, where our patients are able to relax and always feel secure. From an inviting reception area and warm smiles in the front office staff to supportive treatment chairs, and calming music in clinic area, we want people to feel comfortable. Dr. Montesinos and our staff share the same desire: to have every patient feel safe and reassured that they are in caring hands.

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Please contact Amicus Dental Centers, in Pembroke Pines, FL, for more information and to schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one. We welcome residents of Hollywood, Miami Gardens, Miramar, and all surrounding areas, and look forward to welcoming your family, too!